Thursday, 22 November 2012

I have no lawn left

This post is less paleo and more urban/gardening/homesteading.

I was chatting with a friend of mine who has been doing some work with the local water company. Apparently this year has seen several months where we've not only had double the normal rainfall but more than double. For a bit of context.

Recently I've not seen my back garden in the light during the week. It's because of work hours and where I live. So this last weekend during a patch of sunshine I decided to see how it was doing whilst I did my weekly chicken cleanup. Well if I once had a lawn in my garden, I don't any more. Thanks hens. They've eaten nearly everything in their reach and winter has hardly started. We could have another 6 months of wet, and certainly we'll have a few more months of poor light. It's just mud and grass roots in patches out there. So I've decided that I my lawn needs to be replaced and this has been my thought process so far.

At the moment it's used for the chickens to scratch around in and for the dog to eat his food in. I want to grow food in it. Back in the summer (all two days) I was also know to sit out in it and read. So the space needs to be something safe for the chickens, safe and comfortable for the dog, and space for a seat.

I would like to rebuild the shed (it's falling down) and replace it. I will see about moving it from it's current location at the end of my garden, where it's in the sunniest spot, to somewhere that gets more shade.

I want to grow food, and because of the chickens and dog it will have to be done in raised beds (out of cocked leg height) and be able to be protected from the birds. It's a small space that we have so I think to get the best from it in terms of food I will try experimenting with permaculture and forest garden ideas.

So I will need to get myself some kick-ass weed sheets to cover my garden (SO glad it's small). I hear reports via the family of some stuff that has stood up to 3 or 4 years without a problem. I don't want to be ripping up my paths in a couple of years because weeds are growing through. Following the permaculture principle of being efficient, it makes sense to do the best job I can in the first place. I'll probably cover my paths with rounded gravel and use cement blocks for my raised beds, but that's not certain.

This will however all have to wait until this nasty nasty rain passes. Actually it will have to wait for the new year. Until then I have a mud pond in my garden instead of a lawn.

I'll post some plans and some photos when I have a chance to take some in the light. Also this weekend I will do another post of a week's worth of paleo meals. I've even remember to take photos of a couple of meals.

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