Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A week of Paleo meals

Meal planning - economic, sustainable, and removes the need to make a decision about dinner when I get home from work. My budget is a bit limited at the moment, so this week's meals were designed to take advantage of some special offers and such like. I try and get nutritious and cheap. And as you can see I spare no expense for displaying my weekly meal plan at home.

Last week's meals included:

Sunday - Roast duck
Non-free range, was on offer at Lidls. If I'd had the money I would have bought free-range. Roasted, along with root veg. We ate the breast for dinner, the legs and leftover veg made lunch the next day, and the leftover carcass is in my freezer waiting for me to boil the left over meat off and add it to some of the stock made previously from a free-range duck. One duck; three meals. It made a change from chicken.

Monday - Bacon and kale

Cooked chopped bacon and onion until the onion was soft. Added kale to the pan, added a dash of water, put the lid on, and waited for it to cook for a few minutes. The kale was 90p for a bag, bought from a local farm shop. I don't know how much was in there but it was enough for the two of us and very nutritious. The liver marinated in milk for a bit before I added it at the end. I actually forgot to take the liver from the freezer the night before, so I just marinaded it for an hour or so and it didn't seem to make much of a difference from my normal 12 hour marinade. I know the milk isn't paleo, but it's a small amount and at the moment I'm convinced it makes a taste difference. Worth it I figure if it gets me eating liver.

Tuesday - Chicken, cucumber and courgette ( zucchini, for american readers)
Another peasant recipe adaptation. No photos were taken because I actually messed it up a bit and I'm a bit ashamed. In short, I fried up some onion and chicken portions. Once the onion was cooked I added some water to the pan, put the lid on and let the chicken cook. In the mean time I grated up a cucumber and a courgette. I should have drained the courgette but I didn't. Once the chicken was cooked I added the cucumber and courgette and cooked through. It tasted well enough. The original recipe didn't have courgette in, but I bought loads when it was on offer over the weekend.

Wednesday - Slow cooked lamb scrag

Every time I buy scrag from the butcher (sold as stewing lamb) I get asked if I want it chopped up and I say no. I kind of like having it whole, and now I think about it I think it probably makes it easier to fish the bones out when done because the bones are whole. I added the lamb, some cabbage, carrot, and some potato and water. Originally the lamb, cabbage and carrot filled my slow cooker but it cooked down nicely. I can't remember what seasoning I added. From a £3 piece of lamb scrag I made not only dinner but also four lunch time portions. That's about 50p per portion of meat.

Thursday - Omelette

The butcher had an offer on some local free range eggs so I bought lots. I used some of the before mentioned special offer courgettes, a reduced priced red pepper and some frozen diced swede. It was better than the swede suggests. I used about a dozen eggs and had enough for dinner and then lunch the next day. Omelette is a simple meal but certainly one I enjoy.

Friday - actually didn't happen because I was on my own and didn't feel like dinner

Photos were taken from my phone so sorry they aren't great. If you want any more information about any of the food or recipes please leave a comment and ask.

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