Monday, 24 September 2012

Simplifying life

I've been hoping to post for a while some recipes, but my evenings have been short (what with the early nights) and my weekend was a bit crazy. As a complete aside to all things paleo and simple - the Singapore Grand Prix was fun to watch. Even if I was yawning through bits of it. Real shame for Hamilton, but I was glad to see Jenson on the podium. I started watching F1 because of him. I was at school at the time and a couple of friends told me in no uncertain terms that I had to watch the 2000 season because Jenson was racing and he was local. Google maps tells me it's less than a half hour drive between Jenson's hometown and the school I went to. For the first few races I couldn't even remember his name and just kept referring to him as "local boy". I don't claim he's the nicest driver or the best, but I've followed him since the beginning of his F1 career and I will follow him to the end of his F1 career. I like to think that I'll see him make champion again, but even if he doesn't then at least he has been champion. Ok, the F1 talk is over.

I want to comment on a huffington post article that I read the other day. The gist of what I'm taking away is that there's only so many decisions and only so much will power a person can have. It fits right in with a simple life. Keep things simple and you'll find decisions easier to make.

Keeping things specific to clothes though. I kind of love this post from the Art of Manliness blog. It's got a lovely breakdown for different kinds of guys. I think it keeps things simple and to the point. I also think it fits in with the idea of having clothes for different seasons. It makes it easier to keep things neat. And makes decisions about what to wear easier. I think if I was still living as a woman I would still seek to adapt something similar. There's no reason you can't cycle things in and out of rotation, but it stops you from being overwhelmed with choice.

I think making decisions easier is part of the reason I at least attempt to meal plan. If I have a rough idea of what I'm doing and what I need then it's easier to do. I'm not looking around my kitchen after a long day at work trying to work out what to make. Similarly by keeping my wardrobe simple I can just not worry about it. My wardrobe isn't as spiffy as I would like. But I'm lazy and my body is really awkward for clothes and I hate how I look. I hate wearing proper shirts because I am convinced that they make the shape of my chest more obvious. I hope to feel better about wearing shirts after chest surgery.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. I promise that there will be more posts and more photos. And some food soon. In other news - a second hen has started laying, but we're not consistently getting two eggs a day.

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