Monday, 17 September 2012

For a few days I ate like a normal person

I was staying with my girlfriend (who lives with her mother) for a few days (my girlfriend graduated on friday and I'm really proud of her) and when I'm a guest I don't impose my eating habits on other people. When I was young and vegetarian if I was a guest and they didn't realise I was vegetarian then I would eat the meat in front of me. And I was vegetarian because I didn't like the taste of meat.

Well the first thing to ruin was my gut. And then my hand. Back in June, the last time I really ate any wheat (for a few days), I came back from that trip and discovered that I was waking up in the morning with horrible numbing pins and needles in my hand. Everyone said that what I described sounded like early carpel tunnel. I was convinced back then that actually it might well be but that I was experiencing it then because of inflammation caused by the wheat. And so now it's back and the only real difference is that I ate wheat for a few days.

So eating like a normal person has upset my tummy and gives me symptoms like early carpel tunnel. I'm going away kind of with work in a couple of weekends time and will be staying in a hotel. Because in this country we like our cooked breakfasts I'm pretty sure I will be able to get eggs, fruit and coffee for breakfast but I'm thinking I will definitely have to inform the organisers that when it comes to lunch mine needs to be gluten free and I will need to make sure that I find myself gluten free dinner options too. So I will be taking some stuff with me in case options are limited. But with any luck I will be able to fill up in the morning on bacon and eggs. Because I won't be eating like a normal person any time soon. Why do people do this to themselves?

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