Saturday, 11 August 2012

Health and Happiness

I remember, about 9 years ago I was in York. It was in the middle of my training excavation (archaeology degree) that took place in south Yorkshire and I was meeting up for the weekend with a friend. Actually when I started the weekend he was my boyfriend and before we fell asleep the first night we'd broke up, but that was nothing to do with the location. Anyway. I was in York and we decided to go on one of their ghost walks. It was fantastic although much of it has faded from memory now. One thing that did stick out is a piece of advice the guide gave towards the end of the tour - if you're going to ask for anything from the universe/god/whatever then make it a request for health and happiness because anything else is likely to backfire.

I know disabled people. I know people who have enjoyed either good health or economical success and then lost it. I know people born disabled. I know those born healthy and who then lost their health before they became adult. Whilst there are many people with bodies that differ from the stereotype of a "whole" body who are healthy, health is still a vital thing. There's a difference between having a body that varies and having a body that's broken. Health is therefore very important.

But you can lose your happiness in pursuit of health. It's possible to obsess so much about your health that it affects your happiness. And that ultimately doesn't do you any good. But to always do as makes us happy won't necessarily make us healthy.

It's a balance. And a journey.

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